Laptop PSU, 100V-240V AC input, 16V DC output.

These are brand new and original boxed power supplies.  It should be a a fairly simple job to change the supplied output connector to one which will suit your particular laptop or other power supply requirement, anyone with basic soldering skills should be able to do this.  Input is via a standard IEC connector, and will accept any mains from around the world.  The output is 16V at 1.5A continuous, 2.5A peak.   No mains cable is supplied, you should be able to obtain this very cheaply locally.

I've sold a number of these in the past and they have all been perfect.  They are sold with a 30 day replacement guarantee, provided they are not abused.  If you were very unlucky and had a defective one, you could send it back to me (your cost) and I would send a replacement.

Weighing in at 760g, UK post is 3 for one, 4.50 for two, at cost for more.  Overseas postage at cost.  An offer for quantities of 10 or more may be considered.

The following information is supplied as-is:  The wires going to the mini-Din connector have been found to have the following functions, which could be useful to help you to remove the mini-Din plug and fit a plug suitable for your laptop.  You will probably just want to connect the 0V and 16V wires, just cut off and insulate the others.

Wire colours


Black, Red 0V
Orange, Blue 16V 
Purple 23V charging
Grey Precise function unknown, probably a monitor for battery charge
White Precise function unknown, probably a monitor for battery charge