Miniature Integrated Power Monitors by JDS Uniphase.

Part number IPM-C01010000-001.  Full details can be seen here on the JDS Uniphase website.

JDS Uniphase miniature integrated power monitors are designed for channel monitoring in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems and Add/Drop modules. They can also be used for signal/pump power monitoring in erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and Raman amplifiers where integrated solutions tend to replace traditional fused fiber tap + photodiodes. This miniaturized version is a high performance active hybrid device that incorporates a micro-optic tap coupler and highsensitivity InGaAs photodiode in a miniature package. It offers high reliability, compact footprint with ultra-wide bandwidth, and very low polarization dependent loss (PDL).

These power monitors are C-band, single devices with a 1% tap.  So essentially 99% of the optical power applied to the input fibre appears at the output fibre.  They are supplied without optical connectors, each fibre is 1.1m length of 250um SMF-28 single mode.

Packaged two devices in a box:

Each one comes with its own individual test results:

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